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3760_mahollandplumbing.jpg (234275 bytes)
One of the oldest industries in Kamela. A modified kit by Tom's Railroad Corner.

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The local switcher awaits
local freight 416 at Major Fuel.
Downtown Kamela is in the background.

3762_img.jpg (199322 bytes)
A view of "downtown" Kamela.

3758_oretipple.jpg (296546 bytes)
The Olympia Mining Company's ore loading facility at Kamela. A Fine Scale Miniatures kit.

3761_dollarbros.jpg (216060 bytes)
Dollar Brother's Express ships LCL freight.

3761_img.jpg (200429 bytes)
Kamela Grain and Feed is an important
source of animal feed for local farmers.
A Campbell kit.

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Passengers wait for the "Portland Rose"
at Kamela station.

3764_img.jpg (197525 bytes)
Structures on the future Main Street of Kamela. Most of these structures were painted and assembled by the Dennis's wife Maureen.

3762_img.jpg (199322 bytes)
A view of "downtown" Kamela.

3767_img.jpg (85189 bytes)
A retired railroader stops for a visit
at the supply shed. The company cats
Butch and Stacey catch some sun.


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3766_img.jpg (138252 bytes)

Passengers wait for the "Portland Rose" at Kamela station.

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Kamela is located at the top of the longest grade on the railroad and is
a refueling stop for all westbound steam trains. A Tichey kit.

3770_img.jpg (360259 bytes)
Elaine's Long Legs Lounge is a constant
problem for the Kamela police force,
it offers an excellent view of the main line.

3771_OregonHopsandMalts.JPG (241587 bytes)
Oregon Hops and Malts is a major shipper on the railroad. They supply barley and hops to the breweries at Meacham and Echo.

3773_Canning.JPG (194372 bytes)
The American Can Company plant at Kamela
ships cans to several industries on the layout.

3872_kamelasupplycompany.jpg (116736 bytes)

3774_FryxellFeedandSeed.JPG (210998 bytes)

3778_Kamela_Industries.JPG (124460 bytes)

A few cattle are shipped from Western Beef Supply. The boxcars await spotting at
Kamela Supply and Fryxell Feed. Kits by Innovative Design and Campbell.